10 Ways To A Stronger Marriage

We currently have published 3 books on marriage. All are available on Amazon.

“The Daily Marriage Challenge” book is a great book for any couple, but it’s especially helpful to busy couples. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to read a book, but I’d love to strengthen my marriage,” then this is your book. The Daily Marriage Challenge will provide a quick and simple marriage challenge thought to start each day. Along with each challenge is a Bible verse and a prayer. At the end of each day’s challenge is a place for notes, where you can journal your thoughts, add your own prayer or write about how the challenge went with your spouse. If you liked the “Love Dare” book, you will love this book. You will be challenged each day with a simple thought that will remind you why your marriage is important and how you might strengthen it. Whether your marriage is struggling, just okay, or great, this book can help you strengthen your marriage, if you apply the principles given. Keep your marriage happy and holy with a couples devotional book you can use anytime and anywhere. Click here to order “The Daily Marriage Challenge” book.

When our book “WISDOM FOR YOUR MARRIAGE” came out, it went straight to the top of Amazon’s new releases and Amazon’s books on marriage. Wisdom for Your Marriage is a 31-day study guide that will lead you through the book of Proverbs as a couple or an individual. Each day you will read through a chapter of Proverbs, read the devotional thought in the book, and answer questions which prompt self-reflection and conversation as a couple. Not only will this help you grow as a spouse or couple, your spiritual intimacy will flourish as well, bringing your marriage closer than ever before in just 31 days! Guided discussion questions challenge you and promote growth, while closing prayers offer you the chance to give thanks and meditate on what you’ve learned. Whether your marriage is struggling, just okay, or great, this book will challenge you and help you build a stronger marriage. You will find this book both easy to read and very practical. Spark new intimacy in your relationship with our book “Wisdom For Your Marriage”, a 31-day devotional guide through the book of Proverbs. Keep your marriage happy and holy with a couples devotional book you can use anytime and anywhere. CLICK HERE TO ORDER “Wisdom for your Marriage.”

Our first, and bestselling book, 10 WAYS TO A STRONGER MARRIAGE was published in 2019 and also spent time at number 1 on Amazon’s new releases and marriage charts. “10 Ways to a Stronger Marriage” is a book that is simple to read and will challenge, inspire, and encourage you. Chapter titles include …

  • Chapter 1: Keep Paddling
  • Chapter 2: Keep Up the Chase
  • Chapter 3: Talking Is Not Optional
  • Chapter 4: Praise: Heap It on Thick
  • Chapter 5: Let’s Get Naked, But Not THAT Way!
  • Chapter 6: Let’s Get Naked, Yes THAT Way!
  • Chapter 7: Treat Your Spouse Better Than They Deserve
  • Chapter 8: Keep First Things First
  • Chapter 9: Friendship Matters
  • Chapter 10: The Overlooked Intimacy
  • Discussion questions at the back of the book


Ask us about a BULK RATE for churches, small groups, or bible study groups. Both books are great couples, individuals, or small groups

About the Authors

Hi, we’re Trey & Lea. We’ve been married for over 30 years and have raised four sons. We have been involved in marriage ministry and marriage coaching for over 20 years. We do weekend workshops called Stronger Marriage Workshops where we speak to 1000’s of people each year on how to build Godly, healthy marriages. You may also know us from social media where we have a large following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about Trey & Lea and their workshops on their website here:


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